Volume 9 February 1980


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Mathematical Chronicle Vol. 9 (1980)

Table of contents.

J C Burns: Drag on a sphere in non-uniform axially symmetric Stokes flows, pp 5-16

H S M Coxeter: Angles and arcs in the hyperbolic plane, pp 17-33

D G James: On the automorphisms of det(xij), pp35-40

J A Kalman: The join of the varieties of implication algebras and semilattices, pp 41-52

Peter Lorimer: An introduction to projective planes: some of the properties of a particular plane of order 16, pp 53-66

Dan Pedoe: On geometrical matters, pp 67-73

L C Woods: "Scale": a basic concept in applied mathematics, pp 75-90

I D Berg: Perturbations of operators and the Fredholm index, pp 91-100

E J Hannan: Time series, pp 101-119

G L Cohen and M D Hendy: Polygonal supports for sequences of primes, pp 120-136

D Somasundaram and G Balasubramanian: Locally Lindelof spaces, pp 137-143

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