Volume 8 August 1979


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Mathematical Chronicle Vol. 8 (1979)

Table of contents.

B J Gardner: Some current issues in radical theory, pp 1-23

R Geel and E M de Jager: Initial value problem for singularly perturbed non linear ordinary differential equations, pp 25-38

Sidney A Morris: Duality and structure of locally compact abelian groups...for the layman, pp 39-56

S Yamamuro: Groups of C infinity diffeomorphisms and differentiation in locally convex spaces, pp 57-71

H S Gopalakrishna and Subhas S Bhoosnurmath: Exceptional values of differential polynomials, pp 73-82

T R Hamlett: H-closed spaces and the associated theta-convergence space, pp 83-88

Larry L Herrington: Characterizations of P-closed spaces, pp 89-97

James E Joseph: theta-closure and theta-subclosed graphs, pp 99-117

J Hoe: corrections to "The jade mirror of the four unknowns -- some reflections," p 186

James E Joseph: corrections to "Uniform boundedness generalizations," p 186

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