Volume 7 June, September 1978


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Mathematical Chronicle Vol. 7 (1978)

Table of contents.

T M Price: Towards classifying all manifolds, pp 1-47

Shiva Narain Lal: On the localisation of the absolute summability of the r-th derived series of the Fourier series, pp 48-56

M A Pathan: On the summation of 2F1, pp 57-62

Sarjoo Prasad Yadav: Absolute Cesaro summability of an orthonormalised Jacobi series, pp 63-68

Melvin R Hagan: Continuity of pseudo-open multifunctions, pp 69-76

James E Joseph: Uniform boundedness generalizations, pp 77-83

David Gauld: Nearness -- a better approach to topology, pp 84-90

I Grattan-Guinness: Lectures on the history of mathematics and mathematics education, pp 105-123

J Hoe: The jade mirror of the four unknowns -- some reflections, pp 125-156

W J Walker: Predator-prey systems with higher codimension singularities, pp 157-175

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