Volume 6 October 1977


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Mathematical Chronicle Vol. 6 (1977)

Table of contents.

L W Szczerba: Notions in geometry, pp 1-5

C D Lai: A survey of Meixner's hypergeometric distribution, pp 6-20

J G Petersen: Single axioms for the classical equivalential calculus, pp 21-47

Bruce Calvert: Dirichlet problems without coercivity by the Perron-Ako-Constantinescu method, pp 48-67

Bruce Calvert: The range of a contractive projection, pp 68-71

Prem Chandra and Saroj Barve: On the relative strength of matrix transformations and its application, pp 72-81

C Franchetti and P L Papini: Some metric properties of hyperplanes in real normed spaces, pp 82-89

C D Lai: The spectrum of a discrete Wold's point process, pp 90-112

P L Manley: A note on simple rings, p 113

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