Volume 5 August 1976, March 1977


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Mathematical Chronicle Vol. 5 (1976-7)

Table of contents.

B H Neumann: The reflection principle, pp 1-7

W A Coppel: Mathematics from control theory, pp 8-16

K E Bullen: Free earth oscillations and the internal structure of the earth, pp 17-45

H R Thompson: A survey of the work of the Applied Mathematics Division D S I R, pp 46-64

G J Logan: Note on the Frattini-Neumann-Schmidt intersection theorem, pp 65-69

William D Hammers: Left invertible spaces, pp 70-78

G J Tee: Sof'ya Vasil'yevna Kovalevskaya, pp 113-139

Ian Stewart: Catastrophe theory, pp 140-165

T R Hamlett: The property of being a Baire space is semi-topological, pp 166-167

Larry L Herrington: Characterizations of regular-closed spaces, pp 168-178

T R Hamlett: Conditions implying continuity of functions in topological spaces, pp 179-185

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