Volume 3 June 1974


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Mathematical Chronicle Vol. 3 (1974)

Table of contents.

J N Crossley: Satisfaction (a brief survey of model theory), pp 1-8

I Francis: Factor analysis: fact or fabrication, pp 9-44

J A Kalman: Applications of subdirect products in general algebra, pp 45-62

J C Butcher: Computation and theory in ordinary differential equations, pp 63-69

K A Broughan and M Schroder: Variations on a metric theme, pp 71-80

K A Broughan: Pseudometrizability of saturated topological spaces, pp 81-83

K A Broughan: Shrinking finite topologies, pp 85-88

Lynette Gilmore and Peter Lorimer: Transpositions in finite symmetric groups, pp 89-93

B B Phadke: Analogues of Pappus' theorem, pp 95-97

M K Rennie and John H Harris: Correspondence on the MacLane and Birkhoff exposition, pp 99-114

Ivan L Reilly and Stuart N Young: Quasi-components in bitopological spaces, pp 115-118

J A Kalman: The transition from school to university, pp 135-136

K E Bullen: Introduction to a 'variorum edition' of Newton's principia, pp 137-150

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