Volume 35 Number 1 April 2006


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NZ J. Mathematics Vol. 35, Number 1 (2006)

Here is the table of contents of Volume 35, Number 1 of the New Zealand Journal of Mathematics. You may access each paper by clicking on its title.

Adnan Alhomaidan: Titchmarsh-Weyl theory for complex Dirac system pp. 1 - 15

Majid M. Ali: Invertibility of multiplication modules pp. 17 - 29

Howard E. Bell and Abraham A. Klein: Neumann near-rings and Neumann centers pp 31-36

Marston Conder, Gaven Martin and Anna Torstensson: Maximal symmetry groups of hyperbolic 3-manifolds pp 37-62

M. Tamer Kosan and Abdullah Harmanc: +-supplemented modules relative to a torsion theory pp 63-76

Erik Palmgren and Peter Schuster: Apartness and formal topology pp 77-84

Ioannis D. Platis: Remarks on the hyperbolic geometry of product Teichmuller spaces pp 85-107

Abdolrahman Razani: A fixed point theorem in the Menger probabilistic metric space pp 109-114

Pengcheng Wu: A criterion of Bloch functions and little Bloch functions pp. 115 - 120

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