Volume 33, Number 1 April 2004


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NZ J. Mathematics Vol. 33, Number 1, (2004)

Here is the table of contents of Volume 34, Number 1 of the New Zealand Journal of Mathematics. You may access each paper by clicking on its title.

Iyad T. Abu-Jeib: Rank-one perturbations and transformations of centrosymmetric matrices pp. 1-10

Marcus Emmanuel Barnes: A loop module of the extended affine Lie algebra of type A pp. 11-16

Laurent Bartholdi: The 2-dimension series of the just-nonsolvable BSV group pp. 17-24

René Bartsch: On a nice embedding and the Ascoli theorem pp. 25-40

Jiling Cao and Warren B. Moors: Separate and joint continuity of homomorphisms defined on topological groups pp. 41-46

Nicholas F. Dudley Ward: Asymptotic balayage in Hardy and Bergman spaces pp. 47-62

Christophe Eyral: Topology of quasi-projective varieties and Lefschetz theory pp. 63-82

Sandra Oltra and Oscar Valero: Isometries on quasi-normed cones and bicompletion pp. 83-90

Sandro Rajola and Maria Scafati Tallini: A construction of maximal partial spreads in PG(3,q), starting from AG(2,q) pp. 91-94

Naseer Shahzad: Some general random coincidence point theorems pp. 95-103

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