Volume 31, Number 2 October 2002


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NZ J. Mathematics Vol. 31, Number 2, (2002) Here is the table of contents of Volume 31 of the New Zealand Journal of Mathematics:

Chandrashekhar Adiga, K.R. Vasuki and M.S. Mahadeva Naika

   Some new explicit evaluations of Ramanujan's cubic continued fraction
   pp. 109-114 

Majid M. Ali and David J. Smith

   Projective, flat and multiplication modules
   pp. 115-130 

Alexander Brudnyi

   The distribution of values of generalized exponential polynomials on convex sets
   pp. 131-136 

C. Buse, S.S. Dragomir and A. Sofo

   Ostrowski's inequality for vector-valued functions of bounded semivariation and applications
   pp. 137-152 

Mingxue Liu

   Invariant subspace lattices concerning subdecomposable operators
   pp. 153-158 

Katsuhiko Matsuzaki

   Simply connected domains on a hyperbolic surface
   pp. 159-164 

R. Nasr-Isfahani

   L -representation spaces of hypergroups
   pp. 165-172 

Muhammad Aslam Noor

   A Wiener-Hodf dynamical system for variational inequalities
   pp. 173-182 

S. Rajola and M. Scafati Tallini

   Small maximal spreads and punctured planes in a Steiner system
   pp. 183-188 

Peter M. Schuster

   Real numbers as black boxes
   pp. 189-202 

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