Volume 28, Number 2 October 1999


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NZ J. Mathematics Vol. 28, Number 2, (1999) Here is the table of contents of Volume 28 of the New Zealand Journal of Mathematics:

Wolfgang W. Breckner, and Tiberiu Trif

   Equicontinuity and Hölder equicontinuity of families of generalized convex mappings
   pp. 155-170 

Robert S. Coulter

   On the evaluation of a class of Weil sums in characteristic 2
   pp. 171-184 

Terrence Edwards

   On function spaces with the compact-open topology
   pp. 185-192 

Raymond J. Grinnell

   Two real-valued functions associated with convolutions with measures
   pp. 193-202 

Guillermo Hansen and Fausto Toranzos

   Polyhedron = polytope - 1 facet
   pp. 203-206 

Shouli Jiang

   A survey on a Katuta-Junnila problem
   pp. 207-214 

Tae-Sung Kim and Seung-Woo Lee

   Weak positive orthant dependence of random variables
   pp. 215-224 

C.H.C. Little, K.L. Teo and H. Wang

   Fusion in bipartite graphs
   pp. 225-236 

Vivek Sahai

   On models of irreducible q-representations of sl(2) by means of fractional q-calculus
   pp. 237-250 

Mark Schroder

   Marinescu modifiers, strong solidifiers, and countable depth: when do continuous convergence and locally uniform convergence coincide?
   pp. 251-274 

H. Silverman and E.M. Silvia

   Subclasses of harmonic univalent functions
   pp. 275-284 

Mathew Timm

   Domains of perfect local homeomorphisms
   pp. 285-297 

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