Volume 27, Number 1 April 1998


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New Zealand J. Math. Volume 27, Number 1 (1998) Table of Contents:

Douglas Bridges and Wang Yuchuan

   Weak solutions of the Dirichlet problem and the locatedness of H(\Omega)
   pp. 1-5. 

Cristian S. Claude and Tudor Zamfirescu

   The typical number is a lexicon
   pp. 7-13. 

Charles J. Colbourn and Peter B. Gibbons

   Uniform orthogonal group divisible designs with block size three
   pp. 15-33. 

Armen Edigarian and Wlodzimierz Zwonek

   On a symmetric pluricomplex Green function
   pp. 35-39. 

James Graham-Eagle

   Lower and upper solutions for functional equations of elliptic type
   pp. 41-47. 

Nicola Jayne

   Contact metric structures and Legendre foliations
   pp. 49-65. 

Ivan Kupka

   A generalised uniform convergence and Dini's theorem
   pp. 67-71. 

Mong-Shu Lee

   Sequence space characterization of weighted $L_p$ space
   pp. 73-79. 

T.H. Marshall

   Geometry of pseudospheres II
   pp. 81-95. 

P.W. Sharp and L. Parspns

   The efficiency of extended explicit Pouzet Volterra Runge-Kutta pairs
   pp. 97-111. 

Vladimir V. Tkachuk

   Mapping metric spaces and their products onto Cp(x)
   pp. 113-121. 

C. Victoria

   Cohomology ring of supermanifolds
   pp. 123-143. 

Shuntian Yao

   The stability properties of the nonautonomous second order differential equations
   pp. 145-153.
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