Volume 24, Number 2 October 1995


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New Zealand J. Math. Volume 24, Number 2 (1995) Table of Contents:

H. Alexander

   A note on the Harvey-Lawson theorem
   pp. 1-4. 

Horst W. Gerlach

   On liars and witnesses in the strong pseudoprimality test
   pp. 5-15. 

Kaleem Raza Kazmi

   On a class of nonlinear quasivariational inequalities
   pp. 17-23. 

Demir N. Kupeli

   On curvatures of indefinite Kahler metrics
   pp. 25-47. 

A.S. Lewis and A.B. Philpott

   Experiments with affine scaling and semi-infinite programming
   pp. 49-71. 

Peter Lorimer

   A construction principle for symmetric graphs
   pp. 73-81. 

E. Tuma and C.M. Blazquez

   The stability of the travelling wave front solutions in a reaction diffusion system
   pp. 83-96.
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