Volume 23 Number 2 October 1994


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NZ J. Mathematics Vol. 23 (1994) Here is the table of contents of part 2 of Volume 23 of the New Zealand Journal of Mathematics:

Len Bos

   Asymptotics for the Christoffel function for Jacobi like weights on a ball in R^n
   pp. 99-109. 

Chun Cao

   On three generator moebius groups
   pp. 111-120. 

Guenter Frank and Wilhelm Schwick

   A counterexample to the generalized Bloch principle
   pp. 121-123. 

A. Hinkkanen and G.J. Martin

   A functional equation arising in the theory of convergence groups
   pp. 125-135. 

Robert Militello and Heather Ries

   On pseudofree groups and sequential representations
   pp. 137-146. 

J.L. Schiff and W.J. Walker

   A sampling formula in signal processing and the prime number theorem
   pp. 147-155. 

Pekka Tukia

   Convergence groups and Gromov's metric hyperbolic spaces
   pp. 157-187. 

Eliza Wajch

   Products of zero-dimensional compact lots as remainders
   pp. 189-197.
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