Volume 20 November 1991


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Mathematical Chronicle Vol. 20 (1991)

Table of contents.

Marston Conder: Experimental Algebra, pp 1-11

Jeffrey J Hunter: A survey of generalized inverses and their use in probability, pp 13-26

Gillian Thornley: Differential geometry -- connections, 27-37

O P Ahuja and H Silverman: A survey on spiral-like and related function classes, pp 39-66

M A Bashir: Some totally umbilical CR-submanifolds of a Kaehler manifold, pp 67-74

Bruce Christianson: Relative width of sublattices, pp 75-78

S Cooper and W J Walker: Exponential ranking of functions, pp 79-83

Janina Ewart: On points of lower and upper semicontinuity of multivalued maps, pp 85-88

Simon Fitzpatrick and Bruce Calvert: Convex bodies in R3 invariant under projections, pp 89-108

T R Hamlett, Dragan Jankovic and David Rose: Countable compactness with respect to an ideal, pp 109-126

Gaven Martin: The volume of regular tetrahedra and sphere packing in hyperbolic 3-space, pp 127-147

David A Rose and T R Hamlett: Ideally equivalent topologies and semitopological properties, pp 149-156

Charles Swartz: An addendum to "The evolution of the uniform boundedness principle," pp 157-159

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