Volume 19 July 1990


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Mathematical Chronicle Vol. 19 (1990)

Table of contents.

Charles Swartz: The evolution of the uniform boundedness principle, pp 1-18

John A Baker: A note on iterated integrals, pp 19-22

Sharief Deshmukh: Mixed foliate CR-submanifolds of a Kaehler manifold, pp 23-25

Maximilian Ganster: On covering properties and generalised open sets in topological spaces, pp 27-33

H S Kasana: The proximate type and its reference to analytic functions, pp 35-43

J P Lee and Z Piotrowski: Invariance of dense subspaces under functions, pp 45-53

N V Ramanamurthy and Asif Mashhood: Note on splitting extensions, pp 55-62

L B Richmond and N C Wormald: Almost all quadrangular dissections of the disc are asymmetrical, pp 63-71

J C Robson: Simple rings and Morita contexts, pp 73-75

M Hasan Shahid: CR-submanifold of a nearly Sasakian manifold, pp 77-84

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