Volume 18 December 1989


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Mathematical Chronicle Vol. 18 (1989)

Table of contents.

Adnan Al-Aqeel: On a structure which generalizes F-structure, pp 1-9

John A Baker: Differential equations for test functions, pp 11-13

Bruce Calvert and Simon Fitzpatrick: Characterising nonsmooth norms by nonexpansive projections, pp 15-30

Sharief Deshmukh and Tahsin Ghazal: CR-submanifolds of the six dimensional sphere, pp 31-35

David Gauld: Variation of vector and path fields, pp 37-43

M S Khan, S Sessa and M A Khan: On fixed point theorems by altering the distances in complete metric spaces, pp 45-51

Viqar Azam Khan, Hasan Shahid and R K Nagaich: Bochner flat Kaehler manifold with commuting curvature tensor and Ricci operator, pp 53-56

Tadeusz Lipski: S-continuous multivalued maps, pp 57-61

Victor Pambuccian: Simple axiom systems for Euclidean geometry, pp 63-74

B A Uralegaddi and H S Patel: A new criterion for p-valent meromorphic functions, pp 75-77

M K Vamanamurthy: A binomial inequality and application to power series, pp 79-83

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