Volume 16 December 1987


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Mathematical Chronicle Vol. 16 (1987)

Table of contents.

John M Howie: Why study semigroups?, pp 1-14

W J Wong: Maps on spaces of linear transformations, pp 15-24

Bruce Calvert and Simon Fitzpatrick: A Banach lattice characterization of c0 and lp, pp 25-40

K K Dube: On R1 topological spaces (II), pp 41-45

Sharief Deshmukh: Cohomology of CR-submanifolds of a nearly Kaehler manifold, pp 47-52

Sharief Deshmukh: Submanifolds of a nearly Kaehler manifold, pp 53-55

J Ewart: On pairwise Hausdorff bitopological spaces, pp 57-63

Dragan Jankovic and Shelby K Hildebrand: A note on semi-homeomorphisms, pp 65-68

Qaiser Mushtaq: Some remarks on coset diagrams for the modular group, pp 69-77

R Sharma and K L Duggal: Totally umbilical CR-submanifolds of locally conformal Kaehler manifolds, pp 79-83

Patrick N Stewart and J F Walters: Morita contexts and rings with a unique maximal ideal, pp 85-87

Mihai Turinaci: Solvability results via maximal elements in Banach spaces, pp 89-94

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