Volume 14 December 1985


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Mathematical Chronicle Vol. 14 (1985)

Table of contents.

Hassler Whitney: Letting research come naturally, pp 1-19

John N Dettman: Analysis of the abstract Euler-Poisson-Darboux equation using transmutation operators, pp 21-38

V Gregori and J Ferrer: Completeness and Baire spaces, pp 39-42

A K Nagaich and S I Husain: An alternative proof of the theorem of Farran, pp 43-45

Victor Pambuccian: Congruence axioms for absolute geometry, pp 47-48

M I Qureshi and Ch Wali Mohd: On a transformation of Kampe de Feriet's double hypergeometric function, pp 49-53

M Schroder: Relatively uniform convergence and Stone-Weierstrass approximation, pp 55-73

M K Vamanamurthy: A note on differentiable functions, pp 75-78

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