Volume 13 October 1984


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Mathematical Chronicle Vol. 13 (1984)

Table of contents.

G Szekeres: Scales of infinity and Abel's functional equation, pp 1-27

Lee Peng Yee: Cesaro sequence spaces, pp 29-45

Joan Cleary and Sidney A Morris: Numerical geometry...not numerical topology, pp 47-57

R N Mukherjee and Tanmoi Som: A note on fixed point theorems for some nonlinear mappings, pp 59-62

D A Nield: Segar's theorem, pp 63-69

Victor Pambuccian: A simple proof or a metrization theorem, pp 71-72

D Sivaraj: A note on semitopological properties, pp 73-78

M K Vamanamurthy: An exercise on differentiation in Euclidean space, pp 79-81

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