Volume 12 April 1983


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Mathematical Chronicle Vol. 12 (1983)

Table of contents.

Don Nield: University mathematics in Auckland : a historical essay, pp 1-33

Paul Erdos: Combinatorial problems in geometry, pp 35-54

H O Lancaster: Development of teh notion of statistical dependence -- Part II, pp 55-92

P S Bullen: The Burkill approximately continuous integral -- II, pp 93-98

Harold Exton: The asymptotic behaviour of the inhomogeneous Airy function Hi(z), pp 99-104

Louis Friedler and Dix H Pettey: Hyperspaces of R-closed spaces, pp 105-107

Dragan S Jankovic: Concerning semi-continuous functions, pp 109-111

Eli Katz and Sidney A Morris: On the Hausdorffness of free products of topological groups with normal amalgamation, pp 113-117

Eli Katz and Sidney A Morris: On metrizable k-omega spaces, pp 119-122

B Kuttner and B Thorpe: Series of terms of given moduli, pp 123-128

M A Pathan and M I Qureshi: A note on the reducibility of the triple hypergeometric function FE, pp 129-133

Dix H Pettey and S E Rodabaugh: Segments in strongly convex metric spaces, pp 135-138

J E Harmse and M K Vamanamurthy: A note on the implicit function theorem in euclidean space, pp 139-149

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