Volume 11 June 1982


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Mathematical Chronicle Vol. 11 (1982)

Table of contents.

George E Andrews: L J Rogers and the Rogers-Ramanujan identities, pp 1-15

Gavin Brown: Commutative harmonic analysis, pp 17-29

Charles Dorsett: Connectedness im kleinen in hyperspaces, pp 31-36

J Hunter: Algebraic integers on the unit circle, pp 37-47

M S Khan and Sidney A Morris: Amalgamated direct products of topological groups, pp 49-65

Tzee-Char Kuo: Some viewpoints on algebraic geometry and singularity theory, pp 67-80

R N Mohapatra and Prem Chandra: Holder continuous functions and their Euler, Borel and Taylor means, pp 81-96

G Pilz: Near-rings and their applications, pp 97-99

Carl P Pexley: An easily verified Hausdorff space which is not normal, pp 101-102

Travis Thompson: Z-closed spaces, pp 103-107

C S Withers: A confidence interval for the mean of an arbitrary continuous distribution, pp 109-119

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