Volume 10 January 1981, June 1982


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Mathematical Chronicle Vol. 11 (1982)

Table of contents.

J Gani: The spread of epidemics, pp1-11

Charles S Rees: Egyptian fractions, pp13-30

G J Tee: The pioneering women mathematicians, pp 31-56

G L Cohen and M D Hendy: On odd multiperfect numbers (Addendum to "Polygonal supports for sequences of primes"), pp 57-61

Huzoor H Khan: On the degree of approximation IV, pp 63-72

D F Robinson: Constructing an annual round-robin tournament played on neutral grounds, pp 73-82

M Schroder: Analogues of the compact-open topology, pp 83-98

C S Withers: Infinite products, pp 99-103

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