Stochastic Homeomorphism Flow of SDEs Involving Fractional Brownian Motion and Standard Brownian Motion


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New Zealand Journal of Mathematics

Vol. 42, (2012), Pages 57-70

Toufik Guendouzi

Laboratory of Stochastic Models, Statistic and Applications,

Tahar Moulay University,

PO.Box 138 En-Nasr,

20000 Saida,


Abstract In this paper we prove that the solution of the mixed stochastic differential equations driven by fractional Brownian motion and standard Brownian motion for H > 1 / 2 define flows of homeomorphisms on \R^{d}.

Keywords Stochastic homeomorphism flow, Stochastic differential equations, Fractional Brownian motion.

Classification (MSC2000) 60H05, 60H07, 60H10.

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