On a Constructive Characterization of Classes of Harmonic Functions


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New Zealand Journal of Mathematics

Vol. 43, (2013), Pages 31-36

Sadulla Z. Jafarov

Department of Mathematics,

Pamukkale University 20070 Denizli,


Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of the NAS of Azerbaijan,

9, B. Vahabzadeh St.,

AZ1141, Baku,



Abstract Let Γ be a quasiconformal curve in the complex plane \mathbb{C}. In this study, a constructive characterization of classes of harmonic functions with singularities on closed quasiconformal curves is obtained.

Keywords Conformal mapping, harmonic functions, harmonic rational approximation, quasiconformal curve, direct and inverse theorems.

Classification (MSC2000) 30E10, 31C05, 41A20, 41A27..

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